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56-Year-Old Chimpanzee Gives Birth [via KTKA]

Susie, a 56-year-old chimpanzee at the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas, gave birth last week. Caretakers say both mother and infant are doing well. Chimps in the wild can live approximately 45 years, and zookeepers assumed Susie, like most human females of the same age, could no longer give birth.

“Susie was removed from birth control because of medical concerns. The feeling was that she was too old to get pregnant and while this was certainly unexpected, we’re very happy that both Susie and baby appear to be doing well,” said Sunset Zoo Director Scott Shoemaker.

Thanks to friend of the blog Barbara King for this tip!


For Ramadan, Teenagers Are Hungry But Fine With That [via The New York Times]

The New York Times has an interesting piece about teenaged Muslims in New York City fasting for Ramadan. They avoid playing basketball so as not to get thirsty and no longer go out for pizza with friends. Some stay up until just before dawn, when the morning meal is eaten, then sleep through much of the day to avoid hunger. “Jay is still awake when his family rises to eat before sunrise. He plays video games and watches “Three’s Company” reruns until about 6 a.m., then sleeps until 3 p.m., by which time the evening break-fast banquet is in sight.”

Others think that defeats the purpose. ““The point is not to sleep all day,” Amela said. “It’s to do it for God — to have to resist.” Also, she added, to foster empathy for those who go without.”


Today in Betty White News [via Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily; USA Today; Mediaite]

Betty White may be 88, but she’s not slowing down. After announcing last week that she will host a gala fundraiser in Williamsburg, Va., to support animal welfare, a longtime cause of the “Hot in Cleveland” actress, publisher Putnam announced White will pen two books in the next two years. The first is a memoir to cover her years in show business, including her recent hosting of “Saturday Night Live;” the second will feature photos of White and animals from the Los Angeles Zoo, where she sits on the board of directors.

As if that weren’t enough, White won her seventh Primetime Emmy, Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, Saturday night for her episode hosting NBC sketch comedy program “Saturday Night Live.”


China tries in vain to keep bellies buttoned up [via The Los Angeles Times]


In the sweltering heat of summer, when the refreshing breezes desert the city, Hu Lianqun absent-mindedly reaches for a solution: He rolls up his shirt to expose his belly, often fanning himself with the garment to create his own air conditioning.

From the countryside to sophisticated urban centers such as Beijing, men of all ages, social standing and stomach sizes resort to a public display of skin, a hot-weather fashion faux pas that’s the Chinese equivalent of knee-high black socks with shorts.


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