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USA 2010 Word of the Year: Refudiate [via OUPblog]

The New Oxford American Dictionary has named “refudiate,” a portmanteau of “refuse” and “repudiate” accidentally coined by former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a tweet, its word of the year. “From a strictly lexical interpretation of the different contexts in which Palin has used ‘refudiate,’ we have concluded that neither ‘refute’ nor ‘repudiate’ seems consistently precise, and that ‘refudiate’ more or less stands on its own, suggesting a general sense of ‘reject.’” NOAD noted Palin was not the first to use the word, though she popularized it. Runners-up included crowdsourcing, gleek, Tea Party, top kill, vuvuzela, webisode, retweet and nom nom.

San Francisco may propose to ban circumcision next year [via The New York Daily News]

A San Fransiscan man has proposed a ballot initiative to ban “genital mutilation” of minors, intending to halt the practice of circumcision. “It’s a man’s body and…his body doesn’t belong to his culture, his government, his religion or even his parents. It’s his decision,” author Lloyd Schofield said. He has to gather 7,000 signatures to get the proposal on the next ballot. According to the CDC, 32 percent of baby boys were circumcised in 2009, down from 56 percent in 2006.

Westboro protestors face jeers and slashed tires [via The Tulsa World]

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, a Topeka-based group that protests at military funerals with the message that “God hates America” because of growing acceptance of homosexuals, returned to their van to find two slashed tires after protesting a funeral in Oklahoma. According to police, the protestors were unable to find a shop nearby willing to service them. The group ultimately called AAA and was towed to a Walmart where they reportedly effected repairs.


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Mentioning old friend Jeffrey Dahmer is a sure way to get out of jury duty [via The Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Cleveland resident John Backderf knows a great way to get out of jury duty, but it probably won’t work for most people: tell the judge you were close personal friends with Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, who died after a prison beating in 1994, became infamous for killing 17 people and even storing some of their body parts in his freezer. Backderf was asked a common question put to jury candidates about knowing someone who committed a crime. The room froze when he mentioned Dahmer. Backderf was dismissed.

Oklahoma Sharia Ban Blocked [via The Wall Street Journal]

A federal district court judge in Oklahoma has stopped that state from implementing a constitutional referendum that passed there last week preventing courts from using foreign and international law, and specifically Sharia or Islamic law, in rulings. Muslim activists filed a suit challenging the ban last week, claiming it is an unconstitutional violation of the Establishment Clause. Because the U.S. Constitution also deems federal treaties “the law of the land,” the ban could be used by Oklahoma to ignore such laws, including agreements such as the Geneva Convention.

‘Start of the Universe’: mini Big Bang recreated [via The Daily Telegraph]

Using the Large Hadron Collider, scientists have recreated the condition of the universe just millionths of a second after the Big Bang, coming closer than ever to replicating the universe’s creation. “Colliding particles of lead at each other at close to the speed of light, they produced heat a million times hotter than the centre of the Sun – temperatures close to those generated at the beginning of time.” The ten trillion degree centigrade temperature was created by firing lead ions at each other at 670 million miles per hour.

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