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Donated Organ Saved from UK Plane Crash [via ABC News]

A liver en route for transplant survived a central England plane crash and was rushed to the nearby hospital, where it was successfully transplanted. The jet carrying the liver was landing in Birmingham when it clipped an antennae and crashed at the airport there. Two crew members were injured, but the organ was fished from the wreckage and enjoyed a police escort to the hospital.

A Crack in the Code Kryptos Is Keeping [via The New York Times]

An iron sculpture gracing the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency, adorned in coded language, has puzzled cryptologists for two decades. Although much of the sculpture’s message has been successfully decoded, the final section remains a mystery, and sculptor Jim Sandborn is growing tired of waiting for someone to figure it out. To that end, he released to the Times part of the final section’s answer, translating the word “Berlin.” “I can’t do this for many more decades, O.K.?” Mr. Sanborn said. “I’m 65 now. They might get some more clues at 75. But 85?”

1,000 mph car project ‘on track’ [via the BBC]

A project working to construct a car capable of breaking 1,000 miles per hour is on track for 2012 completion and competition, project leaders say. Construction of the car itself is expected to begin in January, and a track specifically designed for the car is being built in South Africa; loose stones must be cleared as even a small pebble could cause serious damage at such high velocity. The current land speed record is 763 miles per hour, set in 1997.


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