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Zombie class begins at University of Baltimore [via The Baltimore Sun]

A new University of Baltimore class will focus on the undead this fall. In English 333, undergrads will watch zombie movies, read zombie comic books and storyboard zombie movies as part of a new pop culture minor. “Zombies are one of the most potent, direct reflections of what we’re thinking moment to moment in our culture,” professor Arnold Blumberg said.

Justin Bieber has dedicated servers at Twitter [via Gizmodo]

A Twitter employee tweeted that, at any given moment, 3 percent of Twitter’s resources are being used for Bieber-related activities. Bieber, like some other popular users, has several dedicated servers.

8-foot shark caught in Potomac River [via NBC]

A Maryland fisherman accidentally caught an 8-foot-long bull shark in a net in the Potomac River Tuesday. According to the fisherman it is a bull shark, “one of the most dangerous sharks in the world.” The catch, which took a whole morning to bring in, has been frozen; the fisherman said he plans to mount it as a trophy.


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